coverArcheologist Andres Paredes makes the discovery of his life when he finds a crystal skull in a cave at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. This propels him on a secret journey to open sacred portals closed for thousands of years.

Andres learns the skull originated in ancient Atlantis, and possesses magic powers capable of inducing trance states in which hidden truths are revealed.

The skull-induced stupor leads Andres deep into his own past and the story of ancient Atlantis, and soon he stumbles on a violent conflict between the Atlantean Temple of the Law of One and the dark, power-hungry Temple of the Sun. With the help of the skull and his expanding dream life, Andres attains new insight into the spiritual duality that defines both his own story and the story of civilizations past and present.

Will the light and truth he finds within be strong enough to overcome trauma and loss, or will the darkness and destruction win in the end?