“WOW! What a book, “Children of Atlantis: Keepers of the Crystal Skull” by Robert R. Maldonado has really hit the nail on the head if anyone wants to know more about Atlantis. It rang bells and woke me up to many things that were true for me that I had nor recognized before. It is a good read, keeps you interested and makes you want another book!” – Julie E. Brent, MA, Reiki Master Teacher – Founder of – Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor

“There is a decaying Rocco building on the busy highway to the airport in Buenos Aires unremarkable except for the fact that it was employed as a torture chamber during their Dirty War in the 1970s, and countless innocent people were murdered there, denounced to military authorities as Communists. Their only offense was perhaps an irritating barking dog, or a shiny new car, nothing more.

It remains the shameful legacy of a civilized country whose capital boasts polo fields and luxury department stores, and calls itself the second Paris. This disparate world is part of Bob Maldonado’s at once painful and yet fabulist novel Children of Atlantis.

In it, he crafts a story dovetailing the fascinating and primal rainforest and contemporary South American life, deftly mixing mysticism and intrigue. Maldonado can easily be called the gifted visionary of this elusive place.” – Bruce Colbert is the author of the short fiction collection, A Tree on the Rift, the novel, Lombard Street, and two poetry volumes.

“Buy this book and get ready for an adventure. Interesting and exciting premise. Well written. I highly recommend the book!” – John O’ Melveny Woods – Author, Publisher, Filmmaker